Candidate Attraction

Candidate Attraction / Service

As media continues to fragment and new media avenues become available, the need for media research and analysis has never been more apparent. Msqd's media department is continually evaluating new media and 'old' media for its cost effectiveness and consequently its market value.

The development and maintenance of Social Media profiles is increasingly imperative for leading employers from Facebook to Linkedin. Every organisation is open to scrutiny and its best practice for employers to be on top of comments, threads and blogs about their organisation. This is a service that Msqd has been providing for many of its clients.

The administration and organisation of Exhibitions, Recruitment Fairs and Open Days are still important Candidate Attraction tools, and Msqd have a bespoke team who work with clients specifically on these projects.

Msqd also work with clients in the development of other Candidate Attraction Strategies, such as Staff Recommendation Schemes, Internships and Apprenticeships.

If you would like to know more about MSQD's Candidate Attraction Services please email: or call 01244 678 811.